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Fannish things that got my attention lately:

Lewis: After all these years with phases of near-radio silence, I'm happy to notice that there has been quite a lot of activity going on lately. And what's more, Lewis fandom gets its first very own challenge thingy! Signups are now open!

Supernatural: After all these years of staying clear of Supernatural and just enjoying the wanks from the sidelines, I'm now dabbing my toes in that fandom a bit. I blame fandom_wank for introducing me to the awesomeness of Castiel and Misha Collins. I spent the last weeks watching Youtube clips, a few selected episodes, and reading fanfic. Interestingly enough, Supernatural still isn't quite my thing for various reasons, so I'm probably not going to watch much more of it, but Dean/Castiel fic makes me incredibly happy. This is a first for me; normally when I'm obsessed with fandom I'm also obsessed with canon.

Cabin Pressure: I was a bit surprised when a British radio show kept popping up in various fannish places and seemed to develop a fandom. I was even more surprised when, unrelatedly, a friend of mine gifted me with the complete episodes. When I started to listen, it all got very clear: One of the voice actors is Benedict Cumberbatch. :D But to be fair, while BC might be what makes most people check out Cabin Pressure, the show itself is just awesome; very funny, great voice actors, great characters. Personally, I've fallen in love with Roger Allam's character Douglas (Snark! Sarkasm! A++ deadpean delivery!) and his voice. I ... even bought an audio book for the sole reason that Roger Allam is narrating it...

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Went to see the new POTC movie yesterday. I found it quite amusing and Captain Jack is his awesome self, but I have to admit I have given up expecting anything of POTC sequels long ago, so it would have been really hard to disappoint me. Fun fact: the aforementioned Roger Allam has a few lines in it. Judie Dench, too, but I only realised that when I saw her name in the end credits.

Now back to coding. GERONIMOOOOO!


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